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COVID-19 economic response

The Treasury is leading work across the whole of government to support the Government’s COVID-19 economic response.

The Treasury is leading work across government on New Zealand's economic response to COVID-19, to:

  • cushion the financial blow to whānau and families, workers, businesses and communities from the impacts of COVID-19
  • position New Zealand for recovery, and
  • reset and rebuild our economy.

Our advice has supported the Government to put in place a broad range of initiatives.  While it has been important to move quickly to limit the economic damage of COVID-19, we are also working to measure the effectiveness of this spending and inform decisions about any further measures that may be necessary.

The Treasury is also taking a longer-term view, providing ongoing advice to the Government about how the evolving global situation might impact New Zealand’s economic resilience and the intergenerational wellbeing of New Zealanders, and the options for recovery.

You'll find more information about the economic response to COVID-19 here: COVID-19 economic response measures

Latest material released Friday 11 June 2021

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