New Zealand Post Limited

State-owned enterprise

NZ Post operates New Zealand's largest postal and courier businesses.  It also has a number of related business activities, such as philatelic and international consultancy business units, and operates an extensive network of retail outlets through third-party agency retailers. 

NZ Post has a 53% shareholding in Kiwi Group Holdings Limited, parent company of Kiwibank Limited.

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Key Company Information

Entity Form State-owned enterprise
Established 1987
Head Office Wellington
Primary Legislation State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986; Companies Act 1993

Board of Directors

Person Role Term
Mrs Carol Campbell Chair -
Mr Reuben Casey Director -
Mr Simon Clarke Director -
Mr Paul Cochrane Director -
Ms Nagaja Sanatkumar Director -
Mr Richie Smith Director -
Mr Bruce Wattie Director -

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