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Our strategy

The Treasury, like all government departments, is required to prepare a Statement of Intent and an Annual Report every year.

The Treasury's Statement of Intent and its Annual Report are both tabled in Parliament by the Minister of Finance.

The Treasury’s strategic direction is outlined in our statement of Intent. Our statement of Intents including our most recent are listed here.

This document sets out our priorities and outcomes and how we plan to achieve these.

The Treasury has seven strategic intentions, which are set out in our Statement of Intent. These represent areas over which we have the greatest influence towards achieving the Government's goals.

These strategic intentions are:

  • Priority One:                Intergenerational Wellbeing
  • Priority Two:                System Stewardship
  • Priority Three:             Performance Reporting

A summary of the progress made against the goals in our Statement of Intent, as well as information on the Treasury’s financial position, can be found in our most recent Annual Report. Our annual reports including our most recent are listed here.

Each of these outcomes reflects - and gives effect to - the Treasury's roles as an organisation.

Our economic and financial roles mean we provide advice on issues with a significant impact on the economy as a whole, as well as on fiscal management, large areas of spending, long-term trends, financial management and probity issues. As a central agency, the Treasury (along with the other central agencies assists the Government to develop its overall strategy for the State services, provide advice on how to improve the system and manage significant issues.

For more of Treasury's corporate documentation, see:


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Tuesday, 20 March 2018