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Savings Policy Workshop: A Dialogue on Savings and Capital Market Development Melia Hotel, Hanoi, 1 September 2006

New Zealand, Chile, and Vietnam hosted a workshop that initiated a multi-year Policy Dialogue on Savings and Capital Market Development. Savings and capital markets are both intimately linked to some of the largest economic issues facing APEC economies today. Recent economic research has uncovered several links between savings and the development of strong and stable capital markets. This workshop drew upon the research of leading policy experts in this developing field.

The key objective of the workshop was to examine how well designed savings policy may exploit the linkages between savings and capital markets to encourage strong and stable financial systems, and to start to develop best practice principles for savings policy to define the work agenda for coming years.

This workshop was primarily of interest to policy experts and officials with an interest in savings, capital market development, and financial stability.


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