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Finance Ministers' Process


The APEC Finance Ministers' Process (FMP) provides an annual forum for APEC member economies to exchange views and information on regional macroeconomic and financial developments and on national and regional policy priorities.

The strategic goals of the FMP are to promote sound and credible policies for:

  • Sustainable and broad-based development with equity in the APEC region
  • Macroeconomic stability in the APEC region
  • Prudent public finance management
  • Good corporate governance
  • Stable and efficient capital markets
  • Greater economic cooperation, integration and openness among APEC economies
  • Facilitation of economic and technical cooperation within the region

The New Zealand Minister of Finance typically attends the annual Finance Ministers’ Meeting, and officials from The Treasury attend the Senior Finance Officials’ meetings.


Contact for General Enquiries about the Treasury's Contribution to APEC

Information Services | The Treasury
Tel: +64 4 472 2733
Email: [email protected]



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Monday, 12 November 2007