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How we support the Government

We are responsible for providing advice to the Government to support  the Minister of Finance's broad responsibilities for economic, fiscal and financial policy.

We also support the delivery of responsibilities under the PFA and other legislation.

In addition, we provide strategic economic policy advice on how to advance the Government’s priorities.

Cabinet and Cabinet Committee processes

We have responsibility for advising the Minister of Finance on all Cabinet proposals with economic, financial, fiscal, regulatory and PFA implications.

As a result, we provide briefings prior to Cabinet Committees. These briefings summarise the key context and analysis in Cabinet papers being considered. They also include our recommendations on whether to support the decisions being sought, and potential actions that the Minister can take to resolve any issues.

Regular oral briefings

We provide oral briefings to the Government in a number of different forums on a regular basis.

Working with others

Collaboration, engagement and diversity of thought are central to the way we work. We get value from tapping into the expertise and perspectives of a broad range of stakeholders. It helps us deliver advice that is well informed and grounded in reality; demonstrates strong analysis and practical options; and shows good understanding of trade-offs, challenges and opportunities that enable choices to be made. Our way of working also supports the Government’s Open Government Partnership commitments to greater openness, transparency and public participation.

Some of the ways we engage include:

  • working with others more at the front line of the policy process, to help us develop a better understanding of different sectors and the provision of services to the public
  • connecting with the business community to support the delivery of economic strategy work, get more insight on the issues important to them and understand how we can strengthen New Zealand’s international connections
  • working closely with other agencies to drive state sector reform, delivery of public services and better outcomes for New Zealanders
  • ongoing engagement at a regional level, including stronger engagement with iwi throughout New Zealand, representatives from across different parts of the community, local businesses and other government agencies working in the regions
  • using many means of communication including speeches, articles, social media, proactive OIA releases, Monthly Economic Indicators and research papers to engage important stakeholders in policy making and contribute important facts and context to public discussions, and
  • providing a platform for engagement with the academic community through our Guest Lecture and Working Paper series and active participation in conferences and symposia to stimulate thinking on economics and public policy.
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Tuesday, 20 March 2018