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Our structure

Directorates and Managers

Capital Markets Directorate

Kim Martin – Acting Director

  • New Zealand Debt Management (NZDM) - see the NZ Debt Management website.
  • Head of Funding Strategy & Engagement: Kim Martin
  • Head of Portfolio Management: Matthew Collin
  • Head of Accounting & Transactional Services: Charles England
  • Head of Business Information: Daniel Clayton
  • Head of Risk: TBC
  • Manager, Financial Institutions: Joe Sant
  • Manager, Export Credit: Chris Chapman - see the NZ Export Credit website.

Commercial, Infrastructure & Urban Growth Directorate

Matt Gilbert – Director

  • Managers, Commercial Performance: Shelley Hollingsworth and Juston Anderson (acting)
  • Manager, National Infrastructure Unit: David Taylor
  • Manager, Housing & Urban Growth: John Beaglehole (acting)
  • Manager, Governance & Appointments: Gael Webster

Corporate and Shared Services Directorate

Lisa Barrett – Chief Operating Officer*

  • Chief Communications and Engagement Officer: Nick Robinson
    • Manager, Communications and Engagement: Jacqui Bridges (media enquiries to [email protected])
  • Treasury Solicitor: Anthea Williams
    • Manager, Legal and Deputy Treasury Solicitor: Yi Nicholl
    • Manager, Ministerial Advisory Services: David Hammond
  • Chief People Officer: Fiona Foster
    • Human Resources Manager: Gwen Boothby
    • Manager, Organisational Development & Capability: Claire Keenan and Michelle Ewing
    • Manager Ahikā, Facilities and Business Support: Kelly Coburn
  • Chief Financial Officer: Glenn McStay
  • Chief Information Officer: Tom Byrne
  • Director, Deployment: Matt Gilbert
    • Manager, Agile Team: Jordan Ward

COVID Economic Response Directorate

Mark Vink and Melody Guy - Acting Directors

  • Manager, COVID Coordination and Programme Management: Keiran Kennedy
  • Manager, COVID Policy: Alastair Cameron
  • Manager, COVID Strategy: Geraldine Treacher

Economic System Directorate

James Beard – Director

  • Manager, Macroeconomic & Fiscal Policy: Renee Philip
  • Manager, Modelling Research & Forecasting: Peter Gardiner
  • Manager, Tax Strategy: Jess Rowe (acting)
  • Manager, Financial Markets: Dasha Leonova
  • Manager, International: Thomas Parry
  • Manager, EQC Policy: Helen McDonald
  • Programme Manager, RBNZ Act Review: James Haughton

Firm Support Directorate

Maureena van der Lem – Acting Director

  • Manager, Economically Significant Firms: Alistair Birchall (acting)
  • Manager, Business Finance Guarantee: Peter Rowe (acting)

Growth & Public Services Directorate

Vicki Plater – Director

  • Manager, Economic Strategy & Productivity (incl. Regulatory Quality): Erin King (acting)
  • Manager, Natural Resources: Gwen Rashbrooke
  • Manager, Transitions Regions and Economic Development: Jean Le Roux
  • Manager, Skills & Work: Nick Carroll
  • Manager, Education and Population Agencies: Nicky Lynch

Office of the Chief Economic Adviser

Tim Ng – Chief Economic Adviser*

  • Manager, Economic Capability and Deputy Chief Economic Adviser: Diana Cook
  • Manager, Analytics & Insights: Meghan Stephens (acting)

Office of the Government Accountant

Paul Helm – Chief Government Accountant and Head of Government Finance Profession

  • Manager, Fiscal Reporting: Jayne Winfield
  • Manager, Strategic Performance Improvement: Megan Taylor
  • Manager, Investment Management & Asset Performance: Craig Murphy
  • Manager, Budget Management: Simon Duncan (acting)

Public Sector Management Directorate

Carolyn Palmer – Director

  • Manager, Justice, Security & Government Services: Colin Hall
  • Manager, Health & ACC: Jess Hewat
  • Manager, System Design & Strategy: John Marney
  • Manager, Welfare & Oranga Tamariki: Sam Tendeter
  • Manager, Quality of Advice: Tom Hall

Trevor Moeke - Poutiaki - Director, Te Ao Māori Strategy and Performance

* Note that the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Economic Adviser are also Deputy Secretaries on the Executive Leadership Team and do not have reporting Directors in their respective Directorates.


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Wednesday, 5 August 2020