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Our leadership team

Leadership team

  • Dr Caralee McLiesh, Secretary to the Treasury

    Dr Caralee McLiesh

    Chief Executive and Secretary to the Treasury
  • Struan Little – Deputy Secretary, Budget & Public Services

    Struan Little

    Deputy Chief Executive and Deputy Secretary, Budget and Public Investment
  • Dominick Stephens, Deputy Secretary and Chief Economic Adviser

    Dominick Stephens

    Deputy Secretary, Chief Economic Adviser
  • Leilani Frew, Deputy Secretary Financial and Commercial

    Leilani Frew

    Deputy Secretary, Financial and Commercial
  • James Beard, Acting Deputy Secretary - Macroeconomics and Growth

    James Beard

    Deputy Secretary, Macroeconomics and Growth
  • Cath Atkins, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary

    Cath Atkins

    Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary Strategy, Performance and Engagement


Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is the top leadership body here at the Treasury. It is responsible for the strategic leadership of the organisation, driving its performance, and the overall health of the organisation.


  • Strategic Priority Programme of Work – ELT members are the Senior Responsible Owners (SRO) of our strategic priority programmes of work, which are reported on through ELT. Some sit on or chair other Treasury governance groups, as part of their SRO responsibilities.
  • Directorates – Each Deputy Secretary has responsibility for their Directorate(s), with Directors reporting in to them. In the case of the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Economic Advisor, there is no reporting Director role. See Our structure for directorate reporting line details.
  • External Relationships – Each ELT member is a sponsor for a number of key external relationships, with responsibility for the overall health of the relationship.
  • Regional Engagement – Each ELT member has involvement in the Treasury's engagement with stakeholders throughout New Zealand's regions.
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Friday, 17 March 2023