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The Treasury Board

The Treasury Board is a governance body that supports the Treasury's Chief Executive and Executive Leadership Team in ensuring that its organisational strategy, capability and performance make the best possible contribution to the achievement of its goals.

The Board is an innovation in the New Zealand public service that aims to replicate the discipline provided by a private sector board as far as possible. It was established in 2010. Its current membership is as follows:

  • Dr Caralee McLiesh (Chief Executive)
  • Ruth Shinoda (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Cathy Quinn (non-executive director)
  • Mark Verbiest (non-executive director)
  • Traci Houpapa (non-executive director)
  • Richard Wagstaff (non-executive director)
  • Livia Esterhazy (non-executive director)
  • Philip Gaetjens (non-executive director)

The Treasury Board Charter is available on this website.

Last updated: 
Wednesday, 8 January 2020