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Our team

The Treasury has a comprehensive governance and operational management framework to ensure its objectives are achieved.

Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is made up of the Secretary to the Treasury (who is also the Chief Executive) and six Deputy Secretaries, and is our top-tier decision-making body. They are accountable for the strategic leadership of the Treasury with a focus on outward facing and crosscutting issues, where decisions are more likely to have a material impact on the outcomes, functions or reputation of the Treasury as a whole. ELT members are accountable for the delivery of the Treasury’s organisational strategy.

Kaiurungi – ‘The people who steer’

The Treasury’s Chief Operating Officer chairs Kaiurungi, which consists of six Directors, the Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer and Chief Communications and Engagement Officer. They are responsible to ELT for delivering on the agreed organisational strategy and for ensuring the programme of work across all directorates will deliver on the Treasury’s objectives and is well aligned with strategy.


Last updated: 
Wednesday, 27 November 2019