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Why the Treasury?

If you want to be part of raising New Zealanders’ living standards, working at the Treasury offers a unique and rewarding environment for you to shine. What we do matters - not only for this generation, but also for those yet to come.

Treasury colleagues discussing their work
There are many things that make the Treasury a great place to work. Three that make it is a very special place to be are: our purpose, our people and our place.

“The Treasury has incredible people and does meaningful work. Those two things together mean that there's just nowhere else I'd rather be. The work matters to New Zealand and the Treasury is at the heart of government decision making on the key issues facing New Zealanders. Being able to play a role in that is quite humbling.”

Hamish, Analyst, Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy team, two years at Treasury

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to lifting living standards for all New Zealanders in order to fulfil our commitment to tiakitanga (stewardship) and make our country a better place to be - today and into the future.

Our approach to achieving that vision is deliberately broad. We consider factors such as the health of people and the environment, the strength of communities as well as more traditional measures of financial success and a strong and productive economy.

For nearly two hundred years we have provided trusted economic and policy advice to successive Governments, safeguarding Aotearoa/New Zealand’s finances while also stewarding the country’s public financial management and regulatory systems.

We provide advice to the Government on its overarching economic framework, on its fiscal strategy and on achieving value for money from its investments.

We are also responsible for producing the Financial Statements of the Government, for ensuring effective management of the assets and liabilities on the Crown’s balance sheet, and for publishing economic and fiscal forecasts. This includes working in international debt markets to manage the Government’s borrowing requirements and overall cash flows.

Across the public sector we are one of the three central agencies, alongside the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) and Public Service Commission (PSC), responsible for providing leadership, coordination and monitoring across the entire public sector.

Today, in the face of global economic uncertainties, all this work is as important as at any time in our country’s history. At the same time, the challenges facing Aotearoa/New Zealand are more complex than ever before. Our work now includes tackling climate change, accelerating the economic recovery from COVID-19, and navigating big issues in the health, housing and education sectors as well as delivering a sustainable public finance system.

This breadth of issues is unparalleled anywhere in the public sector. Whether we are leading, partnering or collaborating with others, we play a critical role as the government’s lead economic and financial advisor.

It’s stimulating work that impacts on some of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s greatest challenges and opportunities. If you want to be part of raising New Zealanders’ living standards, working at the Treasury offers a unique and rewarding environment for you to shine. What we do matters - not only for this generation, but also for those yet to come.

Sunset at Coromandel Peninsula, Aotearoa New Zealand



“My work is everything that younger Katie would have wanted to do.

I knew that I wanted to be working in climate change policy from a really young age. Younger Katie would be blown away by what I am doing now. It's not like the decision-making sits with me, but I have access to the people who do make those decisions.”

Katie, Senior Analyst, Climate Change team, four years at Treasury




Our People

Our success lies in the hands of our people.

Our talented, inclusive and hard-working whānau make the Treasury a great place to work.

Cakes made by the Treasury Rainbow Network

“Some might think of the Treasury as a serious impersonal place, but actually the people I’ve met here are down-to-earth and genuine, including the leaders. I think that creates a safe space where you can be comfortable to be yourself.”

Hana, Analyst Financial Markets team, one year at Treasury


We give you a work environment where excellence is recognised and where staff are encouraged to develop their talents and potential – including the opportunity for internal promotions for those with career aspirations.

It can be challenging to find a healthy work/life balance, so we offer flexible work arrangements, including part-time and job-sharing options, as well as the ability to work from home.

There is a range of health and wellbeing support. This includes parenting facilities, free flu jabs, an annual financial contribution to personal wellbeing initiatives and five weeks annual leave for permanent full-time employees (pro-rated for part-time employees).

Key to helping our people thrive is our commitment to creating an environment where everyone is valued and supported. We really do want you to bring your whole self to work!

Kate Yesberg in front of her paintings

“At the start of 2021 I took six months off to dedicate a big chunk of time to my art, and it’s a real testament to the Treasury that they were open to facilitating that.

When I came back, I knew that I wanted to continue to have a lot of space and time to create, to make art, so I was aiming to come back just for 20 hours a week. And again, it is a real testament to the Treasury that they have been able to make that work for me.”

Kate, Manager Agile team, three years at Treasury


To help you feel like you belong and enjoy your time at the Treasury, there are a myriad of social activities available. Whatever your interest, you will find kindred spirits here. Keen on soccer, cricket, netball, cycling or yoga? There is a group for you. Or if languages and culture are more your thing you can get together with other te reo Māori, Spanish and French speakers or socialise while expanding your skills and knowledge of Chinese culture, language, and history. Along with a women’s network there is also a rainbow network, where LGBTQIA+– including parents – can connect in a safe and inclusive space.

One of our most active groups is Te Puna Wai (our waiata group) - a great source of waiata and wairua within the Treasury. In the spirit of tātou tatou (we are one), everyone is welcome to join - even if you are new to singing waiata.

Our team bring passion and pride to our mahi, and we have a lot of fun along the way. If you love the idea of making a real difference to the lives of New Zealanders while constantly learning in a supportive, collaborative, and energetic workplace, then join us!

Our place

Just a stone’s throw away from the Beehive you will find our beautiful office, full of natural light and lots of great spaces to give you the flexibility to work in a way that fits your style and needs.

Your wellbeing is key, with parenting facilities, showers, bike storage areas, great kitchen and coffee facilities as well as drying facilities for the days when Wellington’s weather isn’t at its best.

Central to our office is our beloved wharenui – Ngā Mokopuna a Tāne – connecting us to the Treasury’s past, present and future, as well as to each other, with a poupou (central post) that runs through every level of the building.

These cultural elements, combined with a creative use of colour and an internal atrium maximising natural light, create a building that truly represents the modern Treasury – firmly focused on the future while caring for the present, integrating te ao Māori and warmly welcoming all.

While our central office is in Wellington, we are open to discussing with you the possibility of working from elsewhere in Aotearoa.

Tekoteko (carved statue) and tukutuku panels inside the Treasury’s wharenui, Ngā mokopuna a Tāne

“Having Ngā Mokopuna a Tāne (our Wharenui) at the heart of the Treasury is a beautiful reminder of our unique cultural identity as the New Zealand Treasury, Māori Crown relations and our connection to the people at the flax roots. I don’t know of any other agency with a Wharenui like ours.”

Kara, Manager Te Ao Māori Strategy and Policy team, five years at Treasury


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Friday, 2 December 2022