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Previous visiting research fellows

List of previous research fellows, their institution, the dates they worked at the Treasury and their research theme.

Name Institution Dates Research Theme
Professor Jennifer Curtin University of Auckland Mar–Apr 2019 The role of gender analysis in policy making
Professor Gail Pacheco Auckland University of Technology May 2018 – Feb 2019 Applied Labour Economics
Professor Miles Kimball University of Michigan Jul 2015 Measuring New Zealand’s well-being: How much do New Zealanders value the various aspects of well-being?
Florian Misch Centre for European Economic Research Sep - Oct 2014 Firm Behaviour and Corporate Tax Reform in New Zealand
Professor Susan Chilton Newcastle University Business School Nov 2013 - Jan 2014 The use of preference-based money values of safety in cost-benefit analysis
Professor Ross Guest Griffith University Sep-Dec 2012 Macroeconomics
Professor Denise Osborn University of Manchester Sep 2012 Macroeconomics
Professor Raj Chetty Harvard University Dec 2011 Impacts on Income Tax on Earnings
Dr Guyonne Kalb Melbourne Institute Nov 2011 Tax Reforms
Professor Richard Kneller University of Nottingham Apr-May 2011 Tax and Entrepreneurship
Professor Robert Barro Harvard University Apr 2011 Measuring Average Marginal Tax Rates in NZ
Professor David Fielding University of Otago Mar-Apr 2011 NZ Macroeconomic Modelling
Professor James Banks IFS/University College London Nov 2010 Savings and Pensions Policy
Professor James Alm George State University Jun 2010 Tax Compliance
Professor Chris Milner University of Nottingham Feb-Mar 2010 Barriers to Exporting
Professor Peter Diamond Massachusetts Sep-Oct 2010 Economic theory and Tax and Pension Policies
Professor Lynn Hodgkinson University of Wales Aug 2008 The 2006 Budget; Impact on dividend payout and valuation
Professor John Fitzgerald Bowdoin College, USA Jun 2007 Welfare, taxes and marriage
Professor Tony Makin Griffith University, QLD Apr 2007 Current account and foreign investment
Professor Bob Reed University of Canterbury Jun 2006 Taxes and growth
Steve Dowrick Australian National University Apr 2005 Investing in the knowledge economy: Implications for New Zealand's economic growth
Dr Boyd Hunter Australian National University Jan-Feb 2005 A historical analysis of socioeconomic outcomes for indigenous Australians: Lessons for Māori?
Professor Erwin Diewert University of British Colombia Jul 2004 On the role of government
Professor Olivia Mitchell Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Jun-Jul 2004 Retirement
Dr Guyonne Kalb Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic & Social Research Mar 2003 Taxation issues
Prof Norman Gemmell University of Nottingham Feb 2003 Tax and growth issues
Dr Kevin Fox University of New South Wales Feb 2003 Productivity and growth
Dr Ken Carlaw University of Canterbury Jan-Feb 2003 Productivity and technological change
Prof Ross Guest Griffith University, Australia Jul 2002-Feb 2003 Population ageing
Dr Mardi Dungey ANU Jul-Aug 2002 VAR modelling and policy analysis
Dr Peter Heller IMF Jan-Mar 2002 Long term fiscal issues
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Friday, 29 November 2019