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Each year we make a big effort to visit numerous universities across New Zealand and meet our student community.

We visit a number of university career expos, employer and recruitment evenings, and host our own Treasury events throughout the year. We do this so we can meet with you directly, share the great work our staff are contributing towards, and answer any questions you may have. See below for our list of upcoming events. 

Date Location Event Time
Wednesday, 3 March 2021 The University of Auckland CDES Business and Law Career Expo Cancelled
Thursday, 4 March 2021 The University of Auckland Employer Presentation 5pm - 7pm
(via Zoom)
Thursday, 4 March 2021 Victoria University of Wellington Commerce and Law Expo Cancelled
Tuesday, 9 March 2021 University of Canterbury Employer Presentation 5.30pm - 7pm
Wednesday, 10 March 2021 University of Otago Employer Presentation 5.30pm - 7pm
(via Zoom - Please see Event page for details)
Wednesday, 10 March 2021 Victoria University of Wellington Employer Presentation 1.40pm - 3pm
Wednesday, 10 March 2021 University of Canterbury Business and Arts Career Fair 1.30pm - 4pm
Thursday, 11 March 2021 Auckland University of Technology Business and Economics Career Fair Cancelled
Thursday, 11 March 2021 Auckland University of Technology Employer Presentation 1pm - 2pm (via Zoom)
Monday, 15 March 2021 University of Otago Business and Law Expo 1pm - 2pm (via Zoom)

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