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Climate Change

Page updated 18 Nov 2011

An overview of Treasury information, research and policy perspectives papers on climate change.

The Treasury's Role

The impact of climate change will potentially have a significant effect on many facets of New Zealand’s economy. The Treasury works alongside other state sector entities to develop economic and environmental policy to ensure that New Zealand is well equipped to deal with the climate change issue. We aim to promote the sustainable management of New Zealand’s natural resources in a way that allows resources to be put to their most productive use, and meets Government decisions and environmental objectives at least economic cost. As part of this, effective policies are needed to meet New Zealand’s current climate change commitments, and help efficient adjustment to climate change to occur.

The Treasury provides advice to the government on efficient and effective policies for addressing the causes of climate change, with a focus on broad market-based measures. We work alongside the Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Economic Development and other agencies to ensure that policies to mitigate and adapt to climate change are consistent with a sustainable economy and environment.

Kyoto Liability Information

See the Kyoto Position section of the Treasury website for information on New Zealand's liabilities under the Kyoto Protocol and for regular updates of the quantum, carbon price and exchange rate data used to calculate the value of the provision for Kyoto liability reported in the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand.

Treasury Research and Policy Papers

Treasury publishes papers on the following topics related to climate change that may be of interest:


Speeches by the Secretary to the Treasury on the subject of climate change:

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