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Request for Information - Budget 2015

Page updated 5 Oct 2015

The Government wants to improve the lives of New Zealanders most in need. To help identify what we could do to make the biggest difference for the hardest to reach children and their families, the Treasury released a Request for Information (RFI) for Budget 2015.

Social Investment continues to be a priority for the Treasury.  You can find more information on social investment at State Sector > Social Investment.

Responses to the RFI were invited from people who work with vulnerable New Zealanders, and others whose input might help the Government invest to get better results.

The Budget 2015 Request for Information focused on:

  • Effective ways of identifying and engaging the children and families most at risk of poor education, criminal justice and employment outcomes.
  • How existing services or support could be improved to deliver better outcomes for the most at-risk children and their families.
  • Issues not currently being addressed that affect at-risk children and their families.
  • New interventions, services or arrangements that could deliver better outcomes.
The Treasury received over 250 responses to the Request for Information and has prepared a summary of the information it received (see the Summary Report below). This information will inform ongoing work to improve the effectiveness of the Government’s investment in social services.


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