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Social housing transfer in Tauranga

Page updated 24 Mar 2017

On 1 April 2017 Accessible Properties will take over responsibility for 1138 Tauranga social houses, and their tenancies, currently owned by Housing New Zealand (HNZ).

This concludes the first transfer of HNZ properties to a non-government Community Housing Provider under the Government’s Social Housing Reform Programme.

The reforms are aimed at improving social housing for those in need. The Tauranga transfer helps to grow the community housing sector, and to achieve more diverse ownership and innovation.

The Government and Accessible Properties signed a contract in December 2016, concluding negotiations that had been underway since August 2016, when Accessible Properties was selected as the preferred provider in Tauranga.

Under the agreement, Accessible Properties will provide social housing in Tauranga for an initial term of 25 years and will add at least 150 social houses in the city.

The properties transferred will remain as social housing and cannot be sold unless the Government agrees otherwise. Tenants’ rent and tenancy conditions will not change as a result of the transfer, and they will remain eligible for social housing for the duration of their need. Accessible Properties will have the same responsibilities to tenants as Housing New Zealand has now.

Previous media releases on the proposed social housing Transfer in Tauranga:


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