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Request for Information: Identifying Further Opportunities for Social Housing

Page updated 12 Aug 2016

The Government has established a cross-agency group to review responses to its Request for Information (RFI) and other proposals or ideas received on an ad hoc basis.

The group is supported by, and includes, property experts and officials from all the key agencies involved in housing transactions.  This includes representation from the Treasury, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Te Puni Kōkiri and, where appropriate, Housing New Zealand. (Note that the Government is committed to ensuring it complies with legal and Treaty obligations potentially impacted by any transactions.)

The information we receive in response to the RFI will be used to consider and inform future social housing opportunities.

The RFI is not a formal procurement process and, as such, the Government is not obliged to provide feedback to responses to the RFI. However, in recognition that feedback may assist respondents with their planning, officials propose to keep respondents informed when their response will be reviewed and what, if any, further engagement is appropriate.

Officials have developed the following standard process for responses to this RFI and other proposals or ideas received on an ad hoc basis.


Responses to the RFI, and other proposals or ideas received on an ad hoc basis, will be reviewed in a consistent manner. This will enable the group to easily determine:

  • Do we have enough information to effectively review this response? 
  • Is the response unique (ie, does it involve an element that is not available elsewhere in the market)? 
  • In what areas does the response seek to deliver on:
    • Providing additional social housing in areas of high demand (eg, Auckland)
    • Increasing the diversity of the Community Housing Provider (CHP) market 
    • Improving tenant outcomes through better tenancy management and/or asset management
    • Better communities. 


Please note that the timelines indicated are maximum timeframes and based on working days. 


  • Day 1 - Response received by Treasury
  • Day 5 - Acknowledgement of response
  • Day 15 - Respondent contacted to either: 
    • Seek additional information to enable assessment of the response, or 
    • Advise respondents of the expected date of the cross-agency group meeting where their response will be reviewed. 
  • 10 Days after the cross-agency group meeting - Respondent provided with notification on when they will hear about the outcome of the cross-agency review.  
  • 20 days after the group meeting - Respondent advised of the outcome of the review by the cross-agency group and whether any further engagement is necessary. 

Additional information is available in the RFI document.


Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. HTML versions can be supplied on request from Information Services at the Treasury. Using PDF Files

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