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Benchmarking Administrative and Support Services

Page updated 13 Jul 2016

The sixth annual benchmarking report - Administrative & Support Services Benchmarking Report for 2014/15 - was released on 13 July 2016. It provides information on the cost, efficiency, and effectiveness of A&S services across the State sector. 

Each agency's report will be published on their website. Links to each of these reports will be available at:

Consistent performance information across agencies gives transparency over a significant area of expenditure and provides an evidence base for assessing performance.

One part of delivering better public services is ensuring money is not unnecessarily spent on A&S administration, when redirecting it to frontline services would yield better results. By tracking changes each year, we can see if investment in A&S change programmes are delivering results.

The benchmarking reports are an important step towards transparency and scrutiny of government services, and future reports will keep an eye on how the State sector is tracking towards the goal of reducing costs and improving efficiency and effectiveness of A&S services for the New Zealand State sector.

Thinking of self assessing?

Any central government agency, outside those mandated by Cabinet to provide A&S information to the Treasury annually, is able to undertake self assessments using the A&S benchmarking methodology. By completing a self assessment it allows comparison against similar organisations or cohort medians using the published A&S data. This can be undertaken for all A&S functions/metrics, or just the A&S functions/metrics that the agency is interested in and doesn’t require data to be submitted to the Treasury.

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