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Guidance on the Investor Confidence Rating

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  • Operating the ICR Outlook Indicator: Guidance for Investment-intensive Agencies
  • Updated: 24 Mar 2017
  • Status: Current
  • Author: The Treasury

Operating the ICR Outlook Indicator: Guidance for Investment-intensive Agencies

Page updated 24 Mar 2017

This is a new set of guidance for investment-intensive agencies who are subject to the Investor Confidence Rating (ICR).
This guidance supports the ICR policy published in Cabinet Office circular CO(15)5 (the circular) which is available from the Cabinet Office website:

This guidance:

  • should be read by those involved in planning for and advising on an agency’s Investor Confidence Rating
  • outlines how the Outlook Indicator will operate in practice, and
  • has been written by the Investment Management and Asset Performance team in the Treasury following consultation with investment-intensive agencies and the corporate centre.


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About This Guidance

About the ICR Outlook Indicator

About the mid-cycle progress review

  • Process
  • Scope of discussion and review

Forming a view on the Outlook Indicator

  • On-balance, information-based judgement
  • What the indicators mean
  • Potential implications of the Outlook Indicator
operating-icr-outlookindicator.pdf (135 KB) pp. (2) 1–10
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