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Investor Confidence Rating – Outlook Indicator

Published 13 Jun 2017

ICR assessments are repeated every 2 years. Between cycles, there is a light-touch review of the progress the agency is making towards improving key aspects of its investment performance.

The Outlook Indicator is an output from the mid-cycle progress review. The purpose of the Outlook indicator is to keep the momentum for improvement through and beyond the two year cycle. It provides a simple signal to agency stakeholders about the improvement trajectory of an agency.

The main feature of the approach is a discussion between the agency and the corporate centre and the timely exchange of information. This includes a letter from the agency sponsor outlining its progress across all elements of the ICR, corporate centre commentary on the agency’s system performance and other supporting information. Following the discussion and exchange of relevant information the corporate centre will form a view on the outlook for the agency and select the relevant Outlook Indicator.

More information can be found in the Outlook Indicator Guidance.

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