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Gateway Reviews – Process & Planning

Page updated 2 Sep 2016

Programmes and projects should allow the entire process, from notification that a review is required to receipt of the final report, to take two months. Below is a summary of key activities in the Gateway process:

The Steps of the Gateway Process

Requesting a Gateway Review

The first step in the review process is for a project/programme to assess their schedule to determine when a Gateway review would be appropriate.  A Gateway review should be held some weeks before key decision points, to enable review findings to be incorporated in the material for decision – for example, a Gate 2: Delivery Strategy/Detailed Business Case should take place when the BC development is 85-95% complete. 

The Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) should then contact the IMAP Gateway team to arrange an Assessment Meeting.  This should be arranged at least two months before the proposed Gateway review.

Key differences between gateway and Independent Quality Assurance (IQA) - key-differences-iqa-gateway.pdf (104 KB)

Contacts - IMAP Gateway team


Team members

Celia van Vliet  +64 4 917 6925

Denise Walker +64 4 917 6920

Planning for a Gateway Review

To prepare for a Gateway review, programme/project representatives and members of review teams should download a copy of the Gateway Process Guide, found below:

It is also useful to understand the specific requirements of a review, which will vary according to which gate a programme or project is being assessed against. Detailed information can be found in the appropriate Gateway workbook, which will outline specific criteria to be assessed and programme/project documentation required.

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