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Major Projects Performance Reports

Page updated 27 Sep 2017

Government is undertaking a range of significant investment projects. The most challenging are featured in the Major Projects Performance report.  

This is the second Interim Major Projects Performance Report. It is a high-level, exception-based report which is produced in November and March. The next report will be the full Major Projects Performance Report – in July 2017. The public release date for this report is yet to be determined.

What is included in the Interim Report?

There are four sections to the Interim Major Projects Performance Report:

  • The Index Table shows the Delivery Confidence Rating of each project in the Major Projects Portfolio,
  • The Pre-Investment Dashboard details possible investments that are in the process of requesting crown funding,
  • Full dashboards are included for projects assessed as Red or Amber/Red, as these projects are likely to need the most support, and
  • The Canterbury Public Sector Rebuild Performance Report, produced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

How are Major Projects Assessed?

Monitoring delivery confidence assessments are not a judgement about whether a project or idea is 'good' or 'bad’, but indicate whether a project is on track to deliver its intended benefits within existing constraints.

Major projects are assessed on a five-point monitoring delivery confidence scale


Successful delivery of the project against budget, schedule, scope and benefits, appears highly likely and there are no major outstanding issues that at this stage appear to threaten delivery significantly.


Successful delivery of the project against budget, schedule, scope and benefits, appears probable; however, constant attention will be needed to ensure risks do not materialise into major issues threatening delivery.


Successful delivery of the project against budget, schedule, scope and benefits, appears feasible but significant issues already exist, requiring management attention. These appear resolvable at this stage and, if addressed promptly, should not present a cost/schedule overrun or loss/delay of benefits.


Successful delivery of the project requires urgent action to address major risks or issues in a number of key areas.  Changes to budget, schedule, scope or benefits may be necessary if the project is to be delivered successfully.


Successful delivery of the project requires changes to budget, schedule, scope or benefits. There are major issues with project definition, schedule, budget, quality and/or benefits delivery, which don't appear to be manageable or resolvable without such changes being made.

Minister of Finance media statement 14 June, 2017: Major projects update released


The report is available in Adobe PDF format only. Please contact to request an HTML version.  Using PDF Files
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