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Major Projects Portfolio

Last year, the Treasury published the Major Projects Performance Report for the first time. The report provides an overview to Ministers on the Major Projects Portfolio, which is comprised of the largest and most complex of the Government's investments. These reports are available on the Treasury website:

In the last year there have been changes to the make-up of the Major Projects Portfolio, and the reporting on its performance.

Changes to the major projects portfolio

The Major Projects Portfolio is intended to comprise all governments' major investments, not just those monitored by the Treasury. This year it has expanded to include projects monitored by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport.

This gives Ministers and the public a more complete picture of how the portfolio is performing, and encourages growing collaboration between the different providers of assurance in the investment system.

Changes to major projects portfolio reporting

To streamline processes and more effective use of resources, there will now be one full report at the end of each financial year.

An interim report will be produced in March and November each year to provide an update on key changes in the performance of the major projects portfolio. Both the full report and interim reports will continue to be publicly released.

Last year, this report included the monitoring delivery confidence assessment of each project in the major projects portfolio. This information is now released as a matter of course closer to the time of assessment, and so it has not been included in this report.

Diagram 13: Change in the make-up of the major projects portfolio in the last year
Diagram 13: Change in the make-up of the major projects portfolio in the last year.
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