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Investment Performance

Agencies self-assess the performance status of their projects.

This information is used to track the performance of the portfolio, and helps to identify areas where attention may be required.

Agencies use a three-point scale, while the Corporate Centre and Gateway reviews use a five-point scale to assess projects. The Treasury is considering how to better get consistency in assessing project performance.

Data on performance shows that the portfolio continues to perform well based on agencies' self-assessment, with 69% of the portfolio assessed as Green, compared to 58% last year.

The number of projects not yet assessed has significantly decreased, further reflecting that data is improving.

Some gaps in this information are to be expected, as the majority of those projects that have not yet assessed are early in their lifecycle, so assessment cannot be meaningfully applied.

The largest and most complex of the projects in the portfolio, major projects, receive additional support from the Corporate Centre. These projects are regularly assessed to measure the likelihood of successful delivery. If risks and issues arise, the Corporate Centre works with the agency to address these. More information can be found in the Major Projects Performance Report, which is published three times a year on the Treasury website:

Diagram 6: Agency self-assessment of investment project performance
Diagram 6: Agency self-assessment of investment project performance   .
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