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Investment by Region

55% of the portfolio by number of projects, and 48% by whole-of-life cost, is being delivered to benefit specific areas of New Zealand - in this report this is referred to as ‘regional investment'.

Regional investment is typically delivering local infrastructure like roads and schools, and better access to local services such as community health care, compared to investment targeted at the national level, such as a more efficient government IT system to improve public services.

Diagram 3 shows the investment in each region by number of projects and by whole-of-life cost. The two regions with the highest level of investment are Auckland and Canterbury, both of which pose complex regional challenges.

As New Zealand's population continues to grow, demand for this regional infrastructure and services grows with it. 40% of regional investment by whole-of-life cost, or $16.8 billion, continues to be targeted at the Auckland region, which is experiencing significant and rapid population growth.

$12 billion of this investment in the Auckland region is in transport, including the new Western Ring Route, a 48km alternative route around Auckland city that will improve network resilience and travel time reliability. At a total expected cost of $2 billion, this is the biggest project ever undertaken by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

In October 2016, the Treasury published its annual infrastructure Capital Intentions Plan, which outlines to the market upcoming infrastructure investment opportunities across central government, local government, and the private sector. To find out more about estimated infrastructure investment, including break downs by sector, region and year, you can view the report on the government infrastructure website:

Diagram 3: Government investment portfolio by region
Region Number of
WOLC ($b)
Auckland 74 $16.8
Canterbury 61 $11.2
Wellington 39 $5.9
Waikato 26 $3.9
Northland 13 $0.5
Bay of Plenty 10 $0.7
Manawatu-Wanganui 9 $0.4
Hawkes Bay 8 $0.4
West Coast 7 $0.2
Gisborne 5 $0.05
Otago 5 $0.6
Taranaki 5 $0.2
Southland 3 $0.1
Nelson 2 $0.2
Marlborough 1 $0.02
Tasman 0 $0
Offshore 11 $0.6
Outside mainland
New Zealand
2 $0.2
All of New Zealand 281 $41.9b

The remaining 227 projects in the portfolio, with a whole-of-life cost of $45.5 billion, is investment targeted at the national level.

Diagram 4: Whole of life cost of investment in each region
Diagram 4: Whole of life cost of investment in each region.
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