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Investment Drivers

We group investments by three main drivers: Run, Grow, and Transform.

Diagram 2 reflects the demand for investment in core services and infrastructure. Run investment continues to make up about a third of the whole-of-life cost of the portfolio, while Grow investment has increased by over $10 billion, or 182%, since the previous year.

Transform investment is the largest portion of expenditure in the investment portfolio, as was the case last year. Government is always looking for new and better ways to deliver its services more effectively and efficiently, and transformational investments are contributing to this outcome. One example of this is Immigration New Zealand's Vision 2015 Programme, which is looked at in detail on the next page.

Diagram 2: Drivers of government investment
Diagram 2: Drivers of government investment.

Note: 7 projects ($0.2b) did not provide data on their primary investment driver and are not included above

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