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BBC Training Programme

Page updated 24 Jun 2016


In May 2014, the Association of Project Management Group (APMG) launched certification in the foundation and practitioner courses. There was sufficient capacity and capability in the private sector training market for the Treasury to draw on the capability that has been build up in the Australasian market. It is likely that APMG will start delivering reviewer courses in 2016.

How to access the training

The Treasury's BBC training programme is now provided by APMG and accredited training organisations (ATO’s). APMG, has developed a formal certification in the BBC framework. Training courses and certification are available through the APMG accredited training organisations (ATOs). The courses are tailored to account for the slight differences in terminology and language used in the New Zealand BBC version.

Expectations of ATO courses from 1 February 2015

APMG has developed and approved a training standard for New Zealand based on our BBC guidance. There are three main changes to the global training standard.

  1. New Zealand-specific terminology, processes and tools, and economic and procurement approaches are used.
  2. New Zealand has had a programme business case approach since 2012. The training therefore includes a module on programme business cases.
  3. The training includes an explanation of how NZTA's business case approach was adapted from BBC.

Certification for those who have attended New Zealand Treasury training

Those who want to become certified must attend the APMG Foundation and/or Practitioner course and sit the relevant exam at your own cost.

ATOs are also likely to offer refresher courses for public and private sector employees, also at your own cost. For details of costs please refer to APMG's website.

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