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Page updated 2 Oct 2015

In 2015, the Treasury Investment Management and Asset Performance (IMAP) team launched business case clinics as a way of supplementing internal expertise on business cases with a more consistent review process.

IMAP has experienced and skilled individuals who engage with Investment Intensive Agencies on the development and review of business cases. Each individual has responsibility for a specific sector so they have deep sector knowledge as well. They also have access to IMAP's business case centre of excellence.

Who is a Clinic available to?

To investment intensive agencies on significant investment proposals.[1]

What is a Clinic?

Provides single source of tailored and pragmatic business case advice to investment intensive agencies from the Corporate Centre and functional leads, and sector lead agencies when relevant.

When will Clinics be used?

Clinics can be tailored to meet the needs of the investment intensive agency and could be used, amongst other things, to establish the business case approach, using the point of entry document,  at an early stage, test the early thinking in the business case and provide feedback on the business case.

How are the Clinics organised and who attends?

Any Investment Intensive Agency can initiate a clinic

Step 1: Treasury arranges the clinic, time and location with the investment intensive agency
Step 2: Investment Intensive Agency provides any pre reading to Treasury
Step 3: Treasury consolidates feedback from the Corporate Centre
Step 4: Clinic held to provide consolidated feedback to agency
Step 5: Minutes of clinic provided within 48 hours of the Clinic

If you are eligible for a clinic and wish to book one please contact your sector lead. If you need further information please email


  • [1]Significant means a high degree of importance of an investment issue, proposal, or decision in terms of its likely impact on, and likely consequences for the Crown or the agency or sector, customers or clients, or the capacity of State services agencies to perform their functions; the government's fiscal strategy; and the government's investment strategy. In terms of financial or risk thresholds, significant generally means investments that require Cabinet or Ministerial approval as per Annex 1, that is, high risk proposals, or proposals with whole of life costs (WOLC) in excess of $15 million, however funded. For a given agency or sector, the thresholds for significance may vary according to decisions made through the application of the investor confidence rating.
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