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Crown Financial Institutions

Date updated 21 Sep 2015

Crown Financial Institutions (CFIs) are entities that have specific responsibilities relating to the management and investment of significant Crown financial assets.

Currently there are five CFIs:

  • the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZSF), the Government Superannuation Fund Authority (GSF), the investments of the Earthquake Commission (EQC), the investments of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) which are all statutory Crown entities, and
  • the National Provident Fund (NPF), which is not a Crown Entity and has its own legislation.

A CFI’s financial assets are held to pre-fund future expenditure, either for specific liabilities (GSF, NPF, EQC and ACC) or expected future expenditure (NZSF).

All the CFIs have individual establishing legislation and the statutory Crown entities are all subject to Crown Entities Act 2004.

Information on individual CFIs is located at Portfolio of Entities - CFIs.

Half-Yearly Monitoring Reports

The Treasury releases half-yearly reports on the performance of CFIs.

[1]The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is the primary monitoring department for ACC. The Treasury only monitors the investments of ACC.

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