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Public Trust

Page updated 22 Nov 2016

Public Trust is New Zealand's largest and oldest trustee organisation, set up in 1873 with a unique mandate to protect the future of New Zealanders. Public Trust offers independent, professional advice and a wide range of legal and financial services to New Zealanders at different stages of their lives, and assists with carrying out their wishes after they are deceased.

Public Trust works with a range of customers, including individuals, charitable trusts and term estates, managing their funds and helping to improve their situation in many different ways. Public Trust also acts as an independent trustee for a number of other investment schemes.

Check the Public Trust website for the latest financial information.

Key Documents

Key Company Information

Entity Form Statutory Crown entity
Established 1873
Head Office Wellington
Primary Legislation Crown Entities Act 2004;
Public Trust Act 2001;
Public Finance Act 1989

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Ms Sarah Roberts (May 2007 - current)
Deputy Chairperson: Ms Fiona Oliver (Nov 2009 - Oct 2018)
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