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Radio New Zealand Ltd

Page updated 11 Dec 2017

Radio New Zealand Ltd's (RNZ) aim is to provide reliable, independent and freely accessible news and information, and to give expression to New Zealand's National identity and diversity.

RNZ has four radio networks: National Radio, Concert FM, Parliamentary Radio and RNZ International. The public service broadcaster, as an independent Crown entity with public funding, has a mandate to operate in the broad public interest in accordance with the RNZ Charter.

Key Documents

Key Company Information

Entity Form Independent Crown entity
Established 1995
Head Office Wellington
Primary Legislation Crown Entities Act 2004;
Radio New Zealand Charter;
Radio New Zealand Act 1995
Companies Office No 441467 (Companies Office website)

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Mr Richard Griffin (May 2010 - Apr 2018)
Deputy Chairperson: Mr Deborah (Jane) Taylor (May 2011 - Oct 2019)
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