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Mecury NZ Limited

Page updated 11 Dec 2017

Mercury NZ Limited’s (Mercury’s) core business is the generation and retailing of electricity. Mercury’s generation of electricity is 100% from renewable sources, with nine Waikato River hydro power stations and five geothermal stations.

Mercury retails to over 395,000 customers through several brands, including GLOBUG, Tiny Mighty and Bosco. It also provides electricity retailers with advanced metering infrastructure solutions through subsidiary Metrix. Mercury was previously known as Mighty River Power.

Check the Mercury website for the latest financial information.


Disclosures by Mercury NZ Limited are published on the NZX website - see Mercury NZ Limited Announcements.

Key Documents

Key Company Information

Entity Form State-owned enterprise
Established 1999
Head Office Auckland
Primary Legislation State-Owned Enterprises 1986;
Companies Act 1993
Companies Office No 936901 (Companies Office website)

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Mrs Joan Withers (Aug 2009 - current)


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