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Owner's Expectations Manual

9.2 Payments, board succession, conflicts of interest and related matters

9.2.1 Fees and expenses

  • Crown company and entity board members generally do not set their own fees, remuneration and allowances – but boards should understand how these are set and how to engage with the relevant fee-setting authority when fees are reviewed. The fee frameworks all have unique features and processes and are outlined in Annex 6.
  • The document “Directors' fees and reimbursement guidelines” (attached at Annex 7) has comprehensive information on Ministers' expectations with regard to the payment of directors' fees and expenses in Crown companies. Boards must ensure that these guidelines have been considered and implemented, and any significant variance from expectations reported to the Minister.
  • Directors are also encouraged to refer to the Office of the Auditor-General's guidelines on controlling sensitive expenditure.
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