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Owner's Expectations Manual

9 Boards

Note: In this chapter of the manual, the terms “director” and “company” are used in a general sense. Except where noted with regard to board fees, the expectations contained in this chapter and associated annexes are generic to all companies and entities monitored by COMU (and therefore include “entities” and their board “members”).

9.1 Governance frameworks, roles and responsibilities

9.1.1 Company governance

  • The governance structure for all Crown companies and Crown entities is essentially the same. The shareholding or responsible Ministers (the Minister or Ministers for the rest of this chapter) appoint governance boards to oversee the management of the companies and to appoint the company's CEO. This is carried out under the terms of the Companies and CE Acts, Cabinet-approved appointment processes, the relevant legislation under which the company operates and the constitutions of each company. COMU advises Ministers on director appointments and monitors the performance of each company.
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