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Owner's Expectations Manual

5.4 Finalising, tabling and releasing SCI

  • Under the SOE Act, shareholding Ministers may comment on the draft SCI, which may include a request for further information or clarification on certain matters. This may be in the form of a letter or, if required, in a meeting between shareholding Ministers, officials and the board. The comment may also include an extension to the date by which the final SCI must be delivered to shareholding Ministers for tabling.
  • Boards are required to consider any comments by shareholding Ministers on the draft SCI no later than 14 days before the start of the financial year and deliver a final SCI to shareholding Ministers on or before the start of the financial year or such later date that shareholding Ministers have determined.
  • The responsible Minister is required to table the final SCI in the House of Representatives within 12 sitting days of its receipt. The SCI should be made publicly available only once this has occurred.
  • Once tabled, COMU will place a PDF copy of each SOE's SCI on the COMU website. SOEs are also encouraged to make their SCIs widely available.
  • The business plan is not a public document and is not tabled.
  • If the board of an SOE wishes to amend its SCI after it has been tabled, it must advise shareholding Ministers and consider any comments shareholding Ministers may have on the proposed modification(s). The SOE Act sets out the process for making amendments to an SCI during the year.
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