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Commercial Operations and Portfolio

Page updated 2 Feb 2016

The Commercial Operations group within the Treasury assists shareholding Ministers to protect the value of the Crown’s commercial portfolio. It does this by monitoring the performance of entities within the portfolio, assisting with the appointment of directors to boards and providing governance and policy advice to Ministers. 

The Crown's Commercial Portfolio

A full directory of the individual entities that make up the Crown’s portfolio is available to view.

The entities have been grouped alphabetically and also by their legislative classification (type).

Reporting on the Crown's Portfolio

Publications released by the Commercial Operations group are generally focused on guidance. In addition, accountability documents are published as part of the annual reporting cycle, and SOE disclosures are made regularly. These can be found on the Reporting page.

Understanding our Portfolio

Information on the ownership structure and organisational design features of entities monitored by the Commercial Operations group. The organisational designs that make up our portfolio can be complex. We invite you to read “Understanding the Crown's Commercial Portfolio” to aid your understanding.  

Board Appointments

The Treasury provides advice to the Ministers on board appointments. For more information about recent board appointments, see Recent Board Appointments.

Are you interested in being considered for Crown directorships?

We encourage you to register your details if you have the skills and motivation to contribute to Crown governance.

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