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Earthquake Commission

Page updated 9 Aug 2017

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) is a Crown entity that provides natural disaster insurance to New Zealand home owners.  EQC also funds research and provides information about how homes can be made safer from damage caused by natural disasters. EQC is funded by a levy on domestic insurance policies and manages the Natural Disaster Fund, which has grown from those levies and from investment income.

Check the Earthquake Commission website for the latest financial information.

Key Documents

Key Company Information

Entity Form Crown Entity (Crown Agent)
Established 1945
Head Office Wellington
Primary Legislation Earthquake Commission Act 1993;
Crown Entities Act 2004

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Sir Maarten Wevers (Jun 2013- May 2019)
Deputy Chairperson: Ms Mary Jane (MJ) Daly (Mar 2013 - Feb 2020)
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