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Page updated 16 Feb 2012

Releases are alerts to the significant new content updates on the Treasury and New Zealand Debt Management Office websites.

Release items are sometimes also created for new content on the Treasury's other websites: Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit, New Zealand Export Credit Office and National Infrastructure Unit and Board Appointments.

Recommended RSS Feed for Alerts to the Latest Releases

Releases populate our Latest Releases RSS feed so that subscribers are alerted to new content (the five latest releases that appear in the Releases section of the Treasury website's home page) without having to visit the Treasury website.

The Treasury recommends that RSS subscribers use this URL to subscribe to the Latest Releases feed:

Copy and paste that URL when you configure your RSS feed reader.

Full List of Releases

A full list of Releases back to 2008 is available at All New Releases.  However it exlcudes Releases for some content that has expired or been superseded by more recent content updates.

Other RSS Feeds

See About Treasury > Services > RSS (News Feeds) for information about the dedicated feeds (in Atom format) for Treasury Data and Regulatory Impact Statements.

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