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RIA Training

Page updated 21 Sep 2015

One of the core functions of the Regulatory Impact Analysis Team (RIAT) is to provide training to departments on the RIA framework. RIAT provides two types of training courses.

The first course is for all levels of policy analysts on the RIA process, it covers:

  • what is regulation and why does it matter
  • the requirements Cabinet has of departments to carry out RIA
  • what the RIA framework is and how to decide whether RIA needs to be carried out
  • what a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) is and how to write an effective RIS, and
  • the RIS Quality Assurance (QA) standards.

The course involves plenty of exercises and group discussions; it typically takes three and a half hours to deliver to groups of around 10-20.  

The second course is for agency RIA panels, covering in detail how to Quality Assure (QA) RISs. The course is short and informal covering Cabinet’s QA criteria, what a good RIS looks like, and how to draft a QA statement. 

Contact for Enquiries

To request training for your department email:
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