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Preliminary Impact and Risk Assessment

Page updated 21 Sep 2015

Completing a PIRA is usually the first step in the RIA process. While there is no explicit requirement to complete a PIRA document, it can help departments and Treasury confirm whether a RIS is required and whether the Regulatory Impact Analysis Team (RIAT) needs to be involved. It can also help departments identify their own knowledge gaps and serve as a checklist of some of the issues that will need to be considered before the proposal is ready to be put to Ministers and Cabinet. It is therefore best practice for policy makers to complete a PIRA and share it with anyone who is likely to have an interest in the work.

The PIRA is not meant to be onerous to complete; it only needs to be based on existing knowledge of the policy proposal, and may be the start of an on-going conversation. Agencies need to send PIRAs to the relevant Treasury policy contact and also to RIAT (email: for confirmation. It may be useful to share the PIRA with other contacts who will be involved in the work.

The RIA Handbook contains more information on what a PIRA is, how to complete one, and why completing and sharing a PIRA is encouraged: PIRA Chapter.

See RIA Handbook > PIRA Template 

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