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Quality of Regulatory Impact Statements

Page updated 21 Sep 2015

The regulatory impact analysis team (RIAT) at Treasury has provided QA on close to 200 significant RISs since 2010. The quality of significant RISs has largely remained constant over time. RIAT's involvement with departments often involves providing feedback on several iterations of RISs to help them meet the RIA requirements.

RIAT assessment of significant RISs against the RIA requirements

RIAT assessment against the RIA requirements 

Treasury periodically commissions evaluations of how departments are meeting their responsibility under the RIA requirements. The evaluations also provide some useful advice on how to improve the application of RIA based on the weaknesses found by the evaluation. 

The evaluations in the figure below show that overall RIS quality has improved, but that there is still room for improvement. The assessments are on a mix of significant and non-significant RISs.

An independent assessment of agency RISs against the RIA requirements

RIS quality 2008-2013

Note 1: Partially meets assessment introduced in 2009

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