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Disclosure Statements for Government Legislation: Technical Guide for Departments

Completing Part Four: Significant Legislative Features

Part Four of the disclosure statement seeks to identify, and provide the reader with explanations for, the presence of particular powers or unusual features in a Bill, which may warrant careful scrutiny because the matters have potentially significant implications or depart from well-established legal presumptions.

It takes the form of a series of questions requiring a YES or NO response, with further information required to be provided depending on the response given.

  • For Part Four questions, please answer YES unless you are sure the answer is NO

This is the opposite of the rule for Part Two and most of the Part Three questions. You can use the text box under the question to clarify, qualify or explain that YES answer if that seems necessary or desirable.

  • The finalised Part Four should not exceed 3 pages in length, once all instructions have been removed

This is to ensure readers can quickly skim through the headline questions and YES/NO responses. If longer responses are required for any of the questions, set these out under an appropriate heading in Appendix Three, with a reference to Appendix Three placed in the text box under the relevant question.

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