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Disclosure Statements for Government Legislation: Technical Guide for Departments

Provision and Publication of Disclosure Statements

Circulation of the disclosure statement

Departments must ensure that the approved disclosure statement is provided to their Minister so that it can be provided to Cabinet with the Cabinet paper seeking approval to introduce the legislation to which it relates. The disclosure statement must reflect the final content of the legislation that is to be submitted to Cabinet for approval.

The approved copy of the disclosure statement should be provided to the Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) for publication at the same time as it is provided to the Minister. Departments must ensure that PCO has the final disclosure statement at least two working days prior to the likely introduction of the legislation. This is to ensure that PCO has sufficient time to prepare the disclosure statement for publication. If the statement is not provided in time it may not be able to be published in time for the legislation's introduction.

Hard copies of the disclosure statement must be provided with all legislation provided to the Bills Office. Departments are responsible for ensuring that 40 hard copies of the disclosure statement are delivered within half a working day after the date on which the PCO orders the printing of introduction copies of the Bill. The Bills Office will then associate the hard copies with the introduction copies of the Bill.

Publication of disclosure statements

The PCO will publish disclosure statements and maintaining a central online repository of all disclosure statements produced. Disclosure statements will be published electronically only by the PCO.

Approved disclosure statements are to be provided to the PCO at the same time that it is provided to the Minister. If the statement is in the template format PCO will then publish the content provided by the department online at the same time that it publishes the introduction version of the Bill. This will include both html and PDF versions of the disclosure statement.

Once published disclosure statements will be available on the following website (which will be live from the beginning of the administrative period):

Disclosure statement and explanatory notes

The disclosure statement will be available through a hyperlink to be contained in the explanatory note of a Bill. The PCO will provide standard wording for text to accompany the URL in the explanatory note of a Bill - stating whether or not a disclosure statement has been prepared and where it can be located.

PCO will also provide the Bill number for the introductory material of the disclosure statement and complete this section when preparing the disclosure statement for publication.

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