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About This Guidance

This guidance document sets out the disclosure requirements in detail, and provides further advice on interpreting and responding to each matter for which a disclosure is required.

This guidance document should be read by departmental policy analysts and legal advisors responsible for the preparation and quality assurance of departmental disclosure statements.

Departmental managers, who will formally certify the finalised disclosure statement on behalf of their department, should also be familiar with the key requirements outlined in the early sections of this document.

The requirements outlined in this document will apply to most government Bills and “substantive” government Supplementary Order Papers for which a paper is submitted to Cabinet from the week beginning 29 July 2013 seeking approval for introduction.

This guidance is expected to be reviewed and replaced when departmental disclosures for government legislation become a legislative requirement, as planned by the government.

This document has been written by the Regulatory Quality Team in The Treasury.

Questions and Feedback

General enquiries about the disclosure requirements, not addressed in this guidance or the associated templates, can be directed to the Regulatory Quality Team in The Treasury:

Enquiries about permitted formatting of the templates, or the processing and publication of disclosure statements, can be directed to the Pre-Publication Unit in the Parliamentary Counsel Office:

Any comments as to how Treasury could improve this guidance can be directed to

Further information

This guidance document supports and supplements advice provided in:

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