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Regulatory Information Releases

Page updated 21 Nov 2017

This page contains an overview of different past and present government regulatory initiatives. Each overview has a link to further information and Cabinet papers on the initiatives are below. 

The Government Response to the New Zealand Productivity Commission Report on Regulatory Institutions and Practices (2015)

In July 2013 the Government asked the New Zealand Productivity Commission to investigate how to make overall improvements in the design and operation of regulatory regimes in New Zealand. For more information and a link to the report and the Government’s response see: New Zealand Productivity Commission Report on Regulatory Institutions and Practices.

Best Practice Regulation Report (2015)

The Best Practice Regulation Report gathered together Departmental assessments of New Zealand regulatory regimes against a set of best practice regulation principles allowing the identification of areas where further work may be warranted. 
For more information see: Best Practice Regulation.

Regulatory Stewardship Expectations (2013)

The Government introduced regulatory stewardship expectations for departments in 2013. The government expects departments to take a proactive, lifecycle approach to the monitoring and care of their regulatory regimes. For more information and Cabinet paper releases: Regulatory Stewardship Expectations.

Regulatory Standards Bill (2011)

A Regulatory Standards Bill was introduced into Parliament in 2011. The Bill was based on recommendations from the Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce in 2009. The intention of the bill was to provide a benchmark for good regulation and improve transparency. A 2015 report by the Parliamentary select committee considering the Bill recommended that it not be passed, and the Bill lapsed in 2017 when it was not reinstated at the start of the 52nd Parliament. For more information see: Regulatory Standards Bill and The Report of the Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce.

Government Statement on Regulation: Better Regulation, Less Regulation (2009)

The Government Statement: Better Regulation, Less Regulation was issued on 17 August 2009. The statement outlined the Government’s intention to only introduce new regulation when it is required, reasonable, and robust. The statement also announced the government would review and remove unnecessary, ineffective and costly regulation. The statement was formally replaced by the 2017 Government Expectations for Good Regulatory Practice. For more information: Government Statement on Regulation Information Release.

The Report of the Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce (2009)

For more information see: Report of the Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce.

The Regulatory Review Programme (2009)

For more information see: The Regulatory Review Programme.
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