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Guide to Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements

12. Preparing the Cabinet paper

While the Regulatory Impact Assessment is a document produced by an agency summarising its analysis of an identified problem, the associated Cabinet paper is written from the perspective of a Minister.

All Cabinet papers must include a section entitled “Impact Analysis Requirements” to link the two documents.

If an exemption has been granted, this section must include a statement from Treasury confirming that the proposal, or aspects of it, is exempt from the requirement to provide a Regulatory Impact Assessment. If relevant, include any conditions of that exemption (see Section 7 Exemptions from providing a Regulatory Impact Assessment).

If an exemption is not applicable (or was not granted), this section must contain two parts:

  • a statement by the responsible agency that Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements apply, a Regulatory Impact Assessment is required, and the assessment is attached to the Cabinet paper
  • a statement from the Quality Assurance assessors providing an independent assessment of the overall quality of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (see Section 11.5 Preparing a Quality Assurance statement).

Ministers no longer need to certify in the Cabinet paper that proposals are consistent with the 2009 Government Statement on Regulation.

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