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11.7. Moderation and review

The Quality Assurance criteria must be applied consistently across proposals and over time. Moderation arrangements could include:

  • having centralised oversight of all Quality Assurance assessments (eg, the chair of the Quality Assurance panel)
  • ensuring all Quality Assurance is subject to peer review by others within the Quality Assurance panel or pool of assessors
  • rotating Quality Assurance responsibilities for types of proposals (ie, particular policy areas) so that they are not always reviewed by the same person.

Periodic evaluations of Quality Assurance assessments can provide a further check. One way of obtaining this is by having an independent party (such as a consultant) review a random sample of Quality Assurance assessments. To assist this process, agencies should maintain a register of Regulatory Impact Assessments assessed and the outcomes of these assessments. Where a Quality Assurance panel has been established, this could be undertaken by the secretariat or a nominated panel member.

Keeping track of regulatory proposals in this way may also be useful in providing material for agencies' reporting requirements. In addition, Treasury may request information for their report backs to Cabinet on the operation of the regulatory management system and how the Government is meeting its regulatory commitments and any other reporting Treasury may undertake.

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