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7.3. Next steps if exemption is granted

If your proposal is granted an exemption, the Regulatory Quality Team will provide you with a statement setting out that decision which you will need to include in the Cabinet paper. If relevant, this statement will also outline any of the conditions of that exemption.

If the proposal is exempt subject to conditions, you will need to fulfil the conditions of the exemption and advise the Regulatory Quality Team when you have done so. Depending on the nature of the conditions, you may be required to do this before or after the relevant Cabinet paper is submitted. For example, the condition may be that you provide an exposure draft of the proposed legislation before seeking Cabinet Legislation Committee (LEG) approval.

If an exemption is not granted, if possible, the Regulatory Quality Team will advise you which Regulatory Impact Assessment template you will need to complete, and whether the Regulatory Quality Team or your agency will be responsible for arranging Quality Assurance of that Regulatory Impact Assessment.

If there is not enough information to decide this, the Regulatory Quality Team will request further information from you as part of the process described in the next section of this Guide.

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