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Guide to Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements

4. Overview of Cabinet’s Impact Analysis Requirements

The Cabinet Office circular: CO(17)3: Impact Analysis Requirements sets out a series of requirements for when and how to perform Impact Analysis for regulatory proposals. The requirements fall into the following categories:

  • Developing a regulatory proposal: what a Regulatory Impact Assessment is, and how they are required for most regulatory proposals
  • Getting started: seeking early feedback on problem definition and options on problems with important impacts and early process confirmation
  • Exemptions from providing a Regulatory Impact Assessment: understanding situations where a Regulatory Impact Assessment is not required, and the process for requesting an exemption
  • Confirming your Regulatory Impact Assessment process: confirming the appropriate Regulatory Impact Assessment template and whether the agency or Treasury is responsible for arranging Quality Assurance
  • Preparing the Regulatory Impact Assessment: preparing the required content for your Regulatory Impact Assessment and completing the appropriate template
  • Quality Assurance arrangements: obtaining independent Quality Assurance for your Regulatory Impact Assessment and understating the assessment criteria used, as well as guidance for assessors
  • Preparing the Cabinet paper: filling in the “Impact Analysis Requirements” section of the Cabinet paper, including documenting any exemptions
  • Regulatory proposals with inadequate Impact Analysis: the value of giving an early warning, and the process for a Supplementary Analysis Report if required
  • Publication of Regulatory Impact Assessments (and Supplementary Analysis Reports, if any): when and how to publish Regulatory Impact Assessments and write Disclosure Statements.

The following sections of this Guide explore each category of requirements in more detail than the Cabinet Office Circular, and provide information to help you succeed in producing a high-quality Regulatory Impact Assessment.

Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements at a glance

Cabinet's Impact Analysis Requirements at a glance.


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