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Information for Regulators

Page updated 23 Sep 2016

Government Regulatory Practice Initiative

Further to the recommendations of the NZ Productivity Commission in their report “Regulatory Institutions and Practices”, the chief executives of a number of regulatory organizations agreed  to lead and contribute to regulatory practice and capability initiatives (that is - initiatives that improve leadership, culture, regulatory practice and workforce capability in regulatory organisations and systems) where collective action can be shown to be helpful. 

This initiative is hosted and supported by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and replaces the former Compliance Common Capability Programme (CCCP), including maintaining oversight of the cross-agency implementation of a qualifications framework initially developed by CCCP. For more information on the CCCP refer to the  CCCP Webpage.

MBIE provides regular reports of progress to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State to the Minister for Regulatory Reform, David Seymour MP.

It Takes Three: Operating Expectations Framework for Statutory Crown Entities

For Crown entity system to function well, all three parts of the government - Ministers, entities and monitoring departments - must have an effective working relationship, with clarity on all sides as to the roles and responsibilities of each party. This is set out in the Operating Expectations Framework.

Operating Expectations for Statutory Crown Entities

Achieving Compliance – a Guide for Compliance Agencies in New Zealand

The Achieving Compliance guide presents a picture of what you would expect to find happening in an effective compliance agency. The guide contains compliance expertise and the core components of best-practice compliance management; it will be useful for anyone engaged in the business of achieving compliance.

Achieving Compliance Guide


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